Innovation in the banking sector of Azerbaijan!

From now on, it is possible to pay for your purchases through a smartphone.

Kapital Bank, which pays special attention to the development of innovative technologies, has introduced yet another innovation. From now on, it is not necessary to have money or a payment card with you to make purchases — you can pay for any goods in stores using your smartphone.

To use the new type of payment called “QR Pay”, it is enough to download the mobile application BirBank. To that end, after making purchases, you need to scan QR-code with your camera smartphone on special posters installed in the cash points of stores. To make a payment, you can use the account of any card registered with BirBank, including cards that are not related to Kapital Bank.

Thus, users of BirBank mobile app will be able to easily and safely make payment through “QR Pay” posters installed in cash desks of various stores of the city. The new type of payment can be considered as a transition to a new stage in the direction of stimulating of non-cash payment.

Here is the list of sales and service points where you can pay through QR Pay system.

It should be noted that BirBank mobile app has more than 200,000 users. iOS and Android users can download the app through the App Store and Play Market respectively within just one minute and register by means of any bank card. For more information —

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