Kapital Bank in Chojug Marjanli!

Kapital Bank’s cash machine was installed in the village last month.

As it is known, as a result of military clashes in Karabakh in April 2016, Azerbaijani Armed Forces managed to occupy the height of Lalatapa and take control over Chojug Marjanli village of Jabrayil region. President Ilham Aliyev signed an order on measures to restore the village, and certain funds were allocated from the President’s reserve fund. In 2017, the population began to return to the village under the motto “Great Return”.

Kapital Bank has been opening service centers in all the regions of the country, and last month Kapital Bank’s cash machine was installed in Chojug Marjanli as well.

In 2017 Kapital Bank renovated the branches of Agdam, Tartar, Agjabadi and Fizuli, which are located in the frontline. Renovated branches have all the facilities to provide high-quality customer service.

It should be noted that the turnover of payment cards in Kapital Bank has reached 3 million. To provide even more efficient services, the Bank’s customer support service works without intermission. Kapital Bank has about 600 cash machines and 9000 POS terminals around the country.

Kapital Bank, having the biggest branch network in Azerbaijan, is at the service of customers with 95 branches and 7 departments. For more detailed information about the Bank’s products and services, please refer to www.kapitalbank.az website, 196 Call Centre or the Bank’s various social network pages.