Our branches are ready to serve you on Saturday and Sunday

Some branches will work on weekends at certain hours.
You can make bank operations through BirBank Mobile application 7/24.
Download for iOS and Android.

Due to maintenance these branches serve on 24 February until 14:00.


    Sahil branch (24 hours)

    Gara Garayev branch

    Shusha branch

    Ganklik Mall branch (10:00-20:00)

    Bravo branch (10:00-20:00)

    Bravo 2 branch (10:00-20:00)

In regions:

    Absheron branch

    Agjabadi branch

    Bakikhanov branch

    Barda branch

    Beylagan branch

    Binagadi branch

    Ahmadli branch

    Ganja branch

    Kapaz branch

    Lankaran branch

    Masalli branch

    Sumgayit branch

    Qubadli branch

    Khazar branch

On Saturdays, from 10 am till 2 pm, the Bank clients will be provided the following services:

  • Registration of loans;
  • Registration of Birlik club cards;
  • Execution of a term loan;
  • Formalization of loan when ordering BirKart;
  • Opening of the current account;
  • Limit change for a credit line;
  • Formalization of debit cards for individuals;
  • Delivery of cards to branches;
  • All types of cash operations;
  • Currency exchange;
  • Withdrawing cash through POS-terminals;
  • Transactions on receipts for all types of accounts (with the exception of deposit transactions);
  • Urgent money transfers;;
  • Direct payments from the transit account;
  • Withdrawals from debit accounts for individuals;
  • Withdrawals from current accounts for individuals;
  • Acceptance of payment statements by legal and business entities (the process for implementing works with accepted documents will be made on the next business day);
  • Acceptance of employment statements of legal entities (the process of implementing works with accepted documents will be made on the next business day).
Hörmətli istifadəçi

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