Kapital Bank has become the first bank in the country to join SWIFT gpi system

Currently, around 280 banks around the world are using the service.

In order to increase customer satisfaction and further improve the quality of its service, Kapital Bank has introduced yet another innovation. The Bank has joined the SWIFT gpi system for the first time in Azerbaijan and the South Caucasus region.

SWIFT gpi is a new standard for international payments, which enables to significantly improve the quality of customer service in cross-border payments by increasing the speed, transparency and continuous tracking of such payments. Currently, around 280 banks around the world are using the service.

SWIFT gpi has a number of advantages: tracking of international payments through the system; possibility of accelerating processes in payment chain; time saving; transparency in terms of time and money spent on the payment process in the payment chain; forecasting of circulation of money during the transfer of large funds and more rapid reporting in terms of optimization of liquidity management.

It should be noted that Head of the SWIFT Users Group is Deputy Chairman of the Board of Kapital Bank and Chief Information Officer Nahid Zeynalov, while the Secretary is International Relations Manager of Financial Institutions Department of Kapital Bank Khayala Mammadova.

Kapital Bank, having the biggest branch network in Azerbaijan, is at the service of customers with 95 branches and 7 departments. For more detailed information about the Bank’s products and services, please refer to www.kapitalbank.az website, 196 Call Centre or the Bank’s various social network pages.