Kapital Bank has held another training for retirees

Retirees participated in the training called "Use of payment cards and safety rules".

As previously reported, a centre for retirees “Yaşa” (“Live!”), which operates under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, was organized by the initiative group “Üçüncü Bahar” (“Third Spring”) with the support of Kapital Bank. The center is located in Sabunchu District Department of the State Social Protection Fund (Bakikhanov settlement, 12 B. Bunyatov St.).

Last week, Kapital Bank held another training on the financial literacy of retirees. Retirees participated in the training “Use of payment cards and security rules”, presented by the Press Secretary of Kapital Bank Parviz Sadraddinov. The information materials contained detailed information about pension cards, ATMs, PIN code and POS terminals. In addition, it was explained what to do if a card is stolen or lost.

It should be noted that the main purpose of “Yaşa” center is to organize appropriate activities to provide leisure for people of retirement age, to ensure the active participation of older people in the socio-economic, political and cultural life of the country, as well as opportunities for their education and employment. Currently, more than 300 people are active members of the center. About 40–50 people take part in trainings, which are devoted to various topics.

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