“Treasury of Miracles” for children from Kapital Bank

As part of the project, several fairy tales were recorded on CD and presented to children with impaired vision.

On the eve of International Children’s Day, marked annually on June 1, Kapital Bank organized a social project called “Treasury of Miracles”. As part of this project, visually impaired children had an opportunity to listen to fairy tales in the format of audio book. Video and pictures taken during the event are placed on the Facebook page of the Bank — www.facebook.com/kapitalbank.

“Just like in previous years, we have managed to hold yet another social project on the eve of International Children’s Day. We presented the CDs with audio tales to Republican Special Boarding School No 5 for children with health impairments, located in Baku. These tales were voiced by pensioners of the centre, which is supported by Kapital Bank. We express our gratitude to the Ministry of Education and “Üçüncü Bahar” (“Third Spring”) social project for their help in holding the event”,—stated Marketing Department Director of Kapital Bank, Gunel Farzaliyeva.

It should be noted that the given CD includes 10 tales: “Computer Tricks”, “The Turtle and the Rabbit”, “The Fox and the Partridge”, “Magic Bag”, “The Fox and the Rooster”, “The Old Woman and the Cat”, “Friendship of the Donkey and the Fox”, “The Mouse and the Cat”, “Seven Pomegranate Sticks” and “Generous Man and the Wolf in Sheep’s Skin”. All the tales are in one way or another connected with the present and are of moral, educational character.

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