Cash consumer loans

Cash consumer loans will help you turn dreams into reality.

  • Amount of loan - AZN 300 to AZN 20,000
  • Loan period - min. 3 months - maks.48 months
  • Annual interest rate - starting 20%

Secured loan in manat

Get a loan in manat by placing a security deposit in dollar or euro.

  • Minimum loan amount – 300 AZN
  • Maximum loan amount - up to 60% of the insurance deposit
  • The annual interest rate is 25%
  • Duration of the loan – minimum of 1 month – maximum of 12 months
  • Typy of payment - Annuitet (equated monthly installment)


You can acquire your desired flat via Kapital Bank mortgage loans.

  • Maximum amount - AZN 100 000
  • Maximum period - 30 years

MIDA - Mortgage

You can acquire your desired flat via MIDA mortgage loans.

  • Maximum amount - Maximum loan undefined
  • Maximum period - 30 years


  • Withdrawing cash from Kapital Bank's ATMs
  • Free SMS İNFO service
  • Card price and service comission – free for a year

Business loans

Kapital Bank, recognizing the great importance of development in the economy’s real sector, offers business loans to its customers.

  • Loans are issued in AZN/ USD/ EURO
  • Loan amount, term and interest rate are set depending on the purpose of the project