Internet Banking and Mobile Banking

With all-new Internet and Mobile Banking service it is more easier to manage all your accounts, cards, loans and deposits.



internet bank

General information

Now you can manage your multiple banking transactions through a single account by using new Kapital Bank application. The following functions are available on the updated application:

  • Online registration during 1 minute by entering just your card information
  • Fingerprint access
  • Track your loans, make your monthly payments
  • Manage your deposits, control daily calculated interests
  • See your card balance, get extract, set limits and block your card if needed
  • Order virtual card
  • Control your accounts, get extract and carry out all kind of transactions on the accounts
  • Pay your utilities and your debts for mobile services, add templates and perform all the payments in timely manner by activating the automatic payments
  • Trace the history of your payments
  • Make transfers among your accounts, to the other person’s account, to your card and other cards, create templates and make immediate transfers through the templates
  • Trace the history of your transfers
  • See the nearby Kapital Bank ATMs and branches on the map
  • Follow up the currency rates
  • Add photo to your profile


Joining procedure

In order to get registered online for Internet/Mobile Banking:

  • Enter
  • User name – here you create a user name for yourself. You are recommended to create a bit compound user name
  • Kapital Bank card number – 16 digits on Kapital Bank plastic card shall be entered.
  • Card PIN code – 4 digit PIN code of your card shall be entered
  • Expiry date of the card – Expiry date of the relevant card shall be entered.
  • Mobile number – It is very necessary that your mobile number is the number that you use permanently and it has to be entered like 994XXXXXXXXX.
  • Secret word – choose a secret word for yourself
  • Date of birth – enter your date of birth as shown (date.month.year)

How to use

Enter your username and password into the required boxes. Once you pressed enter button:

  • If you have visited the branch and acquired a username and password, you shall be required by the system to name any letter of your secret word at the next stage for confirmation.
  • If you have been registered online, the system shall send a one-time password (OTP) to your mobile number and you can enter your account by entering that password.
  • You can replace the authentication via one-time password (OTP) with the authentication via the secret word by calling 196 Information Centre.