Please write to us. You can send us a letter by filling in the form below if you have any suggestion or request to the Bank.

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Rules for reviewing the requests

  • All the sections have to be filled completely in order for us to review the request.
  • The requests have to be explained in details, all information has to be included.
  • Complaints and petitions with the same request that are sent more than once within a single month are not accepted.
  • The Bank employees may contact the complainer by phone or e-mail in order to acquire additional information once the complaints have been sent. An insufficient response by the complainer may extend the duration of review.
  • The complaints and petitions with false information about the petitioner shall not be reviewed.
  • The requests by the citizens shall be reviewed within 15 working days at latest while the requests for which further examination and verification are required, shall be reviewed within 30 working days at the latest.
Hörmətli istifadəçi

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