Maximum amount

150 000 AZN

Maximum period

30 years


Documents required for acquiring a mortgage loan

1. Identity card of the borrower (joint borrower) and a notarized copy thereof;

2. Notarized copy of the certificate of marriage. Certificate of singleness if single. (Court decision in case of divorce and divorce certificate);

3. Notarized copy of identity cards of adult and juvenile family members living together with the borrower (joint borrower);

4. Reference about the family composition of the borrower (joint borrower);

5. The borrower’s (joint borrower’s) contract of employment or a copy of the employment record book verified by the relevant HR Department (each page shall be verified);

6. Documents confirming the borrower’s (joint borrower’s) incomes (references from the primary employer and additional employer if applicable, bank extractions from the salary cards etc.);

7. Mortgage property appraisal certificate;

8. Copy of only cover part of the SSPF and salary card;

9. In case the employer of the borrower (joint borrower) is a private institution, an extract from the individual personal account data within the last 12 months (B3 form verified by the private institution) and the tax statement of the private institution for the last one year (verified by the relevant tax authority);

10. Copies of birth certificates of the borrower (borrowers) and his spouse.

Documents required for mortgage registration

1. Notarized copy of the document (an extract from the state register) confirming the proprietary right to the mortgaged real estate and copy of the technical passport (if requested);

2. The document confirming that the mortgaged property is not other encumbered or limited. (Form 1 shall be needed after the decision);

3. The reference for those registered in the mortgaged property. Form 2;

4. Copy of the notarized consent given by the spouse or other adult family members registered in the mortgaged property to the encumbrance of the mortgaged property and its sale out of court. If the owner of the mortgaged property is below the age of majority, a copy written consent (consent for sale and mortgage) given by their guardian or custodian agency acting on behalf of him;

5. Notarized copy of ID card of the seller and his/her spouse;

6. Notarized copy of the certificate of marriage of the seller. Certificate of singleness if single;

7. Copy of the certificate of birth of seller and his/her spouse;

8. A notarized copy of the ID card of those named in Form 2;

9. Application of consent of the borrower's (borrowers') spouse;

10. Evaluation act;

11. If necessary, additional documents may be required by the Bank during the inspection.

Documents required after the official registration of mortgage

1. Original mortgage agreement (joint agreement) and documents stating their registration by appropriate state agencies;

2. The borrower’s life and disability insurance documents, mortgage property insurance documents, and documents verifying the payment of insurance premiums;

3. Copy of the mortgaged property sale contract;

4. Identity card of the mortgage property seller (for individuals);

Documents required if the borrower is an individual entrepreneur

1. Entrepreneur’s certificate of registration by the tax agencies (copy thereof);

2. Tax report or a simplified tax statement approved by the tax agencies.

Additional documents required in case the borrower belongs to a preferential category

1. A document stating that the borrower belongs to a preferential category. Note: Copies of the presented documents must be certified by a notary public.

Information about persons belonging to the privileged category


Terms Regular mortgage Preferential mortgage
Maximum amount
150 000 AZN
100 000 AZN
Maximum annual rate
Maximum period
25 years
30 years
Down payment
Starts with 30%
Starts with 30%

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