Our bank offers the following loan products to customers:

Cash consumer loans
Urgent credit line overdraft product
Secured loan in manat
BirKart credit card
Deposit secured loan
Consumer loans
Consumer loans for non-card holders

Credit products are available to persons who either have their salary/pension from Kapital Bank or have official revenue However, the final decision on issuing the loan is determined according to the bank's internal rules and based on analysis of customer.

You can apply for a credit with your ID card or military servant's card.

A guarantor may be required in certain cases depending on the amount of loan, the customer's place of employment and judgement of a loan specialist.

More information about "BirKart" is available at BirKart.az website.

at Bank branches by Kapital Bank payment terminals
at Bank branches by cash
online via pay.kapitalbank.az website
by eManat payment terminals
by MilliÖn payment terminals
online via hesab.az website
online via e-pul.az website
online via kassam.az website
via CİB application

Mortgage loans can be obtained at Kapital Bank's branches: "Jafar Jabbarli", "Nizami" and "Nakhchivan AR".