Pre-procurement financing

Pre-procurement financing is a service that provides an opportunity for the Bank to finance goods and services on the basis of a contract or purchase order, taking into account the monetary claims of the Seller to the Buyer in the future.

The buyer orders goods or services on the terms agreed with the Supplier

The Supplier applies to the Bank with the documents confirming the contract and the order

The Bank transfers 80% of the purchase order to the Supplier's account

The Buyer makes a payment

The Buyer transfers 100% of the value of the sent goods to the Supplier's account


No need to request advance payment from Buyer

An opportunity to direct working capital to current contingencies

An ability to offer more competitive products, conduct business or provide services with pre-purchased funds

An opportunity to reduce currency, liquidity and inflation risks of accounts receivable

Cash flow planning opportunity

Increase of profitability

Terms of Pre-procurement financing

Indicators Terms
Amount of funding
Up to 80% of the purchase order or contract
Interest rate
Starting 14% in AZN and 8% in USD
12 months
Not required

Online application for the financing of trade operations

You can apply to any branch or department of Kapital Bank or order online for the financing of the trade operations.

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