Card price

1 year 35 AZN

Card limit

up to 10.000 AZN

Card validity period

36 months

Grace period

up to 40 days

BirKart's Calculator



6 Month

Approximate monthly payment


If you make a transaction with your BirKart 5 times during the first 90 days for a minimum of 20 AZN (installment, online payment, one-time purchase), the annual price of the card for the 1st year (35 AZN) will not be deducted from your account.

Annual interest on installment operations - 0%

Number of payment months (number of installments) - 2, 3, 6, 9, 12 and 18 months

Umico bonus coefficient (for both Umico and non-umico partners) -1.5%

Cashback on installment transactions - 0.5%

You can cash up to 60% of your BirKart limit

Loan interest rate when used as a credit card - 25%

Discount period for one-time card payments - up to 40 days

Possibility of interest-free installment for up to 18 months in partner stores

You receive both Cashback amounts provided by Kapital Bank and earned within the Umico partner network. The amount of Cashback given by both parties is accumulated as a bonus on Umico's balance.

Accumulated cashbacks can be tracked in the "Bonuses" section of the Birbank mobile application or through the Umico mobile application

Cashback is calculated for transactions made from the BirBank mobile application according to the following table:
* Exceptions: court, fine, guarantee, tax, public services, post, financial institutions, transport

Who can get a BirKart?

1. Persons officially registered in the workplace;

2. Age limit - 18-67;

3. Experience at the last workplace must be at least 6 months (3 months for those who have a salary and pension card in Kapital Bank). There is no such requirement for retirees.

Required documents

1. ID cards

2. Military card for militaries

Utility payments Cashback
0.2 %
Mobile, TV, Internet
0.5 %
0.2 %

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