Kapital Bank deposits meet every single requirement by providing opportunities to acquire interest rates monthly or at the end of the period, reduce or increase the fund upon request both in local and foreign currency.

Kapital deposit

Kapital deposit provides customers with a high interest rate and the opportunity to increase the amount deposited up until the middle of the deposit period.

  • Deposit amount - from 100 AZN/USD/EUR
  • Maximum interest rate - 14%
  • Free SMS İNFO service

"Choice of term" Deposit

An opportunity to maximize your profits when placing deposit for a 5-year period at high interest rate.

  • Deposit amount - from 500 AZN/USD/EUR
  • Deposit period - 60 months
  • Deposit period - 60 months

"Upon Request" Deposit

Problems making up your mind regarding the deposit period? You can place your money on an open-ended deposit account in Kapital Bank and make a withdrawal at any time.

  • Deposit amount - from 100 AZN/USD/EUR
  • Deposit period - 12 months
  • Maximum interest rate - AZN - 2%, USD - 0.05%, EUR - 0.05%

VIP deposit

Opening a VIP deposit account turns your into a VIP customer and provides with additional benefits.

  • Deposit amount - from 100.000 AZN/USD/EUR
  • Deposit period - 12, 24 and 36 months
  • Maximum interest rate - 12.5%