Deposit safes

How can i rent these deposit safes?

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General information

We provide protection and security of your valuable jewellery, securities, money. This is the best way for protecting your things.


  • Low prices
  • Rent period – from 3 months
  • Security
  • Confidentiality
  • Opportunity for using the safe box together


Rent deposit safes
Sizes  Monthly service fee
10sm x 40sm x 45sm 30 AZN
15sm x 32sm x 43sm 40 AZN
15sm x 40sm x 45sm 40 AZN
17,5sm x 32sm x 43sm 45 AZN
20sm x 40sm x 45sm 45 AZN
25sm x 40sm x 45sm 55 AZN
30sm x 32sm x 43sm 60 AZN
40sm x 40sm x 45sm 60 AZN
60sm x 40sm x 45sm 75 AZN