Payroll projects

General information

For many years, Kapital Bank has been a leader on the plastic card market. The Bank, having extensive experience and knowledge of the market, offers you an opportunity to simplify salary payment for your employees using the international Visa Electron or Debit MasterCard cards as part of its ‘Salary’ project! As part of the ‘Salary’ project:

  • Every company is offered a flexible rate plan
  • The Bank offers Visa Electron or Debit MasterCard smart cards that are part of the VISA International or MasterCard Worldwide international payment systems, respectively
  • A separate card account is opened for every employee of the company
  • Salaries can be automatically transferred to accounts within a working day


  • Highly secure Electron or Debit MasterCard smart cards
  • Minimum paperwork and time required to issue various types of loans to the company and its employees
  • Cash withdrawal and transactions in any country and in any currency
  • Free cash withdrawal using Kapital Bank’s extensive ATM network
  • Concern for the company’s and its employees’ time and paperwork
  • Online purchases and payment for various services
  • SMS notification of the employees, as soon as the salary is transferred to their accounts (SMS Notification service)
  • Use of a broad spectrum of Kapital Bank’s services such as Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, CardToCard etc.
  • Various account statements for statistical and inspection purposes
  • Centralization of the salary calculation process. Physical transfer of salaries is no longer necessary; hence, cash-in-transit costs are avoided
  • Issuing loans on preferential terms to Kapital Bank salary card holders


You can join the Salary project or get more detailed information about it at any branch or department of Kapital Bank.