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How can I join to the tariff package for business?

General information

Kapital Bank offers small and medium-sized businesses favorable tariff packages for banking services and operations. By making a one-time payment, with tariff packages for business, you will have been able to carry out your banking operations for a year free of charge and without restrictions, as well as take advantage of many other benefits.


  • Save on your banking fees
  • Save time on expense reporting
  • Preferential terms for currency exchange
  • Get comprehensive banking services
  • More favorable terms for remote banking services


Depending on the type of a tariff package, small and medium-sized businesses are provided with the following services:

  • Opening a current account
  • Getting an entrepreneur card or business card for 3 years
  • Salary cards valid for 3 years
  • Cash withdrawal transactions
  • Transfers in national currency
  • Intra bank transfers in foreign currency
  • Depositing funds to salary cards
  • Exchange of non-cash currency
  • Monthly fee for acquiring services (POS-terminal)


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