Customer Bank

General information

‘Customer Bank’ creates an opportunity to manage the bank accounts of individuals and legal entities online and in real time, and minimizes payment processing time. The Customer Bank system allows performing the following operations:

  • Monitoring current accounts;
  • Obtaining statements of account;
  • Creating payment orders;
  • Authorizing (approving) payment orders;
  • Storing existing payment orders as template for future use;
  • Obtaining information on the customer’s credit and deposit accounts;
  • Obtaining information on currency exchange rates



  • The Bank guarantees that documents sent by the end of a working day will be processed during the day.
  • The Customer Bank system prevents mistakes while completing document forms: while the forms are filled out, the system identifies mistakes and suggests the correct variant;
  • User-friendly interface.
  • The Customer Bank system does not need any additional software. It only needs a computer, Internet access and a standard Internet browser to work.



Any individual business owner and legal entity that is a customer of Kapital Bank may join the Customer Bank system. If you would like to become a user of the Customer Bank, please apply to any branch of the Bank.

Hörmətli istifadəçi

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