BirKart Miles

BirKart is a unique card provided by Kapital Bank, which provides interest-free and commission-free installment options.

BirKart Miles

  • Card limit – till 10.000 AZN
  • Miles tariffs – 1 Mile per 1 AZN in local payments, 1.5 Miles per 1 AZN in international payments
  • Card validity period - 36 months
  • Price of card - 1 year 35 AZN
    (You can either choose to have BirKart Miles only for Debit operations. In this case, the card will cost 80 Azn for 3 years and you will have option to receive the card in any of three currencies (AZN/USD/EUR). Card will not be capable for taksit operations.
  • The annual interest rate on taksit operations - 0 %
  • Grace period - till 40 days
  • Number of payment months (number of credits) – 2, 3, 6, 9, 12 and 18 months
  • You can cash out up to 60% your card limit

Good to know

  • Interest-free and commission-free installment options for 2, 3, 6, 9, 12 and 18 months.
  • Connection to SMS info service - free
  • Upon payments through BirKart Miles, bonuses are given in form of miles that can be changed to any air tickets.

Who is eligible for BirKart?

  • People who are employed officially;
  • Kapital Bank salary and pension card holders are awarded
  • Age limit - 18 to 67 years
  • The length of service at the last job has to be a minimum of 6 months (3 months for Kapital Bank customers). There is no such a requirement for pensioners


Services Birkart Miles
 Price of card  1 year 35  AZN
Card interest rate Interest rate on taksit operations - 0%
Encashing rate - 25%
Encashing commission From own account - 1%
Limit of loan - 1.5 %, min 2AZN
Payback to the account (cashback) N/A
Calculation of Miles 1 Mile per 1 AZN in local, 1.5 Miles per 1 AZN in international payments

Calculation of miles

For local payments* 1 AZN = 1 Mil
For international payments 1 AZN = 1.5 Mil
For Deposit incomes 1 AZN = 65 Mil
Calculation of miles in Cashback Partner network Cashback rate / 1.5
Calculation of Miles in the exchange to air ticket 65 Mil = 1 AZN

*Loan, Utility, Transport and Governmental payments are excluded. You earn miles for Utility payments made through BirBank mobile application.

Required documents

  • ID card/military ID

Birkart kalkulyatoru

  • Aylar üzrə TAKSİT ödənişiniz Aylar üzrə ödənişiniz

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